A Child’s Prayer

Each night before going to sleep, K says a short prayer in his bed. The first part is a summary in which he says thank you to God for the people in his life and for what he experienced during the day.

Although the opening section constantly changes depending on K’s daily activities, the conclusion to his prayer is always the same. These are his words:

“Please be with all the children around the world and take good care of them, especially those who are feeling sick or lonely or who don’t have moms or dads.”

Regardless of people’s religious views, I wonder how different the world would be if everyone took a moment at the end of their day to think about the welfare of vulnerable children and other marginalized people in our communities.



I returned home this evening from Newfoundland. R and the boys were out when I arrived, but I was welcomed by Shadow, our Bichon Frise puppy. Shadow was so excited to see me that he jumped all around the kitchen and piddled on the floor. Being reminded that I’m his favourite human was worth the hassle of cleaning up his mess. I’ve never been much of a dog person, but I’m definitely a fan of this one.

When R and the boys came home, they, too, were thrilled to see me. Thankfully this wasn’t as messy of a greeting. Although I enjoyed the past few days in St. John’s, it was great to be all together again. I have more travel scheduled over the next few weeks, so I’m already dreading the additional time I’ll be away from my family.

This year I’m trying to focus more on gratitude. It’s easy to obsess over my fears and failings, so it’s helpful to intentionally take a few minutes each day to reflect on the many good things in my life. Today I’m grateful for a wonderful family, a lovable but poorly trained puppy, and a safe and welcoming place to call home.